platform series 01 / Personal Uniform

I am excited to be collaborating with the Lululemon Lab on a speaker series event, in which my Personal Uniform for Daily Wear will be featured.

I will be speaking on a panel with 3 other women to engage in open dialogue, critical thought and the potentials of a personal uniform. We will each be talking from our unique perspectives and relationship with clothing. One is an entrepreneur who recently started an online consignment store, one is a stylist and brand consultant who works one-on-one with women to curate their wardrobes, and one is a fashion blogger who celebrates life through photography in coastal Vancouver.

This is going to be a great opportunity to create discourse on the concept of a personal uniform. It’s going to be a full 1.5 hours, and know that part of my role in speaking at the event is to bring a voice that is informative, relatable and hopefully inspiring.

Some of the topics we’ll be discussing is:
– defining what a personal uniform is
– our relationship with clothes; shopping habits, curating identity
– decision fatigue, what it is and the effects of it
– speculating on the future of fashion

Platform series 01 / Personal Uniform will be held at the Lululemon Lab (511 W Broadway), this Thursday March 31st from 730-9pm.

*Although the event is sold out, because this is a free event, there is still a chance of getting a seat if you show up on the night from any ‘no shows’.

Read more about the event here.
Read more about the host, Lululemon Lab, here.
Read more about the panelists:

Chloe Popove, Founder of My Modern Closet
Elim Chu, Stylist and Brand Consultant
Randa Salloum, Fashion Blogger
Yours truly, Natalie Tillen


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