Urban Dictionary: Personal Uniform

a standardized wardrobe cultivated autonomously by the wearer/user. A personal uniform promotes consistency and commitment to ownership of clothing and wear, reducing waste of material, energy and time.


The first month of wearing my personal uniform, I did research to find others who are working with this concept, what kind of vocabulary is being used to describe it, where are themes and patterns starting to take form, who are the people consciously using this concept as well, who is unconsciously using this concept (because it’s a pretty practical way of using clothing), and finally what can I contribute to help people communicate and activate their own use with this concept?

One of the main things when adapting a new system or way of doing something is having the language to understand and communicate with, so that a transfer of knowledge can begin to take place. Since “Personal Uniform for Daily Wear” is what I’ve chosen to call my set of garments, I started looking for the term “personal uniform”. I found there are people using this to express similar engagements with their garments. I also found there is not a definition of this term online, and decided I would try and establish this term. I looked into Wikipedia and whoa. That is not an easy open-source system to break into (not hack into, but, well, you know what I mean). So what’s the second best online dictionary? You called it, Urban Dictionary.

Back in November I wrote a definition and a couple scenarios one might use the term and submitted it. About 2 weeks ago I received an email telling me the editors had approved the term and definition and published it on their site. I was in fits of laughter and joy. One, because I had totally forgotten about it and two because it was the smallest thing, almost arbitrary, but it’s seriously awesome. Because I love slang, acronyms and language in general. It reflects our culture and connects us to one another. It’s a small step, we’ll see where it goes as this project and many others continue to evolve.

Check out the full definition of ‘personal uniform’ on Urban Dictionary here and ‘like’ it!




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