Decision fatigue

Have you ever gotten ready in the morning feeling like you’ve wasted time just trying to make a decision on what to wear?

I know have. Countless times. Wasting precious energy first thing in the morning and I haven’t even gotten to the work that actually needs my brain power. Not only that, but it often makes me miss breakfast or late leaving the house. I am a chronic later person, as all of my friends know, it’s one of my worst habits and the hardest to correct. I have noticed since wearing my personal uniform I have never left the house scrambling because I was figuring out what to wear, and it has significantly decreased my late habits first thing in the morning.

The ability to expedite the morning routine by having a set of garments that fit, are appropriate and express yourself, whether you’re a mother of 2, a working professional or a student, reduces the cognitive load by minimizing the amount of decisions you have to make before officially starting the day’s work. Part of what I’m getting at can be explained by the term “decision fatigue”, which can be used to describe what we all experience at some point in our day. Depending on the type of decisions you need to make on a daily basis, you can strategize your energy to be conserved for important ones early on in the day. Deciding what to wear is one of the first things we make decisions on every single day, which is why something like a Personal Uniform for Daily Wear is can be so useful.

Two articles written by John Tierney in The New York Times describes what “decision fatigue” is, different places it shows up and studies by psychologist Roy E. Baumeister that demonstrate the effects of decision fatigue in our everyday lives.

Why You Need to Sleep On It

Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?

“The most successful people, Baumeister and his colleagues have found, don’t use their willpower as a last-ditch defense to stop themselves from disaster. Rather, they conserve willpower by developing effective habits and routines in school and at work so that they reduce the amount of stress in their lives.”

What if constructing a 15 piece personal uniform for daily wear could shave off an extra 15 minutes in the morning?

What would that mean to you?



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